New Owner Event — Experience San Diego

Since COVID hit almost a year ago, the Owner Event options have dwindled to only 3 or 4 options. But they have added a new option — hopefully one of many to follow. “Experience San Diego” is a package for Owners Only for TWO people that includes 3 nights 4 days in San Diego. You would stay at the Marriott Vacation Club San Diego Pulse property. The first evening you would eat a four-course meal at a Gaslamp Quarter Restaurant. The next day, you would choose two activities to participate in — San Diego Zoo, Zoo Safari Park, Sea World, USS Midway Museum, and Old Town Trolley Tour. Two breakfasts are provided as well. Oh, a don’t forget the 90-minute Sales Presentation the last day.

What does it cost? 1200 MVC points will get you all of that plus a gift card for ride share services. So . . . . . . is that a really good deal? Let me spell it out for you.

If you reserved the same property yourself, it would take 900 MVC points (compared to the 1200 MVC points for the Owner’s Event). If you mirrored all the activities, and food options it would cost you approximately $400 – $500, depending on your food choices and activities selected. I prepared a table below showing costs if you arranged everything yourself below. It includes the cost for 2 people.

ActivityOwner Events CostPersonal Cost
San Diego Pulse property1200 MVC points900 MVC points ($600)
Gaslamp Quarter RestaurantIncluded with registration$120 (approx. 4 course meal)
Two BreakfastsIncluded with registration$60 (approx)
Zoo/Safari Park/Seaworld activity*Included with registration$120-$140 each activity*
Museum/Tour^Included with registration$55-$75 each activity
90-minute Sales presentationIncluded with registration  Not required
*Choice of two activities allowed  

I’ll be honest with you — when I realized I could reserve the property for 900 MVC, I wasn’t excited about the offer. But after adding up all the costs of the food and activities, it was more appealing. You decide if it is worth it for you. I like “doing my own thing” and not having to be somewhere or eat somewhere in particular. But it is also nice to have everything arranged, and you just show up. You wouldn’t be WITH anyone besides your partner, so it might work. Some rules you need to know if you are thinking of taking one of your children for the activities — all participants must be 21 years old or older.

In the mean time, I will keep my eyes open to other Owner Events to be announced. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of new adventures to be announced.

Details and dates for this offer can be found at . Or login on the MVC website and go to “Owner Services on the main page — left side panel.

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