Kaua’i Lagoons — Kalanipu’u

Hawaii has opened up and people are flocking there in celebration. As of July 8, 2021, there is no COVID pre-testing, and no quarantine requirements for travelers who are fully vaccinated against COVID. Children ages 5-12 will still be required to be tested upon arrival, but no quarantine is necessary if their test is negative. That alleviates lots of steps to qualify to enter Hawaii. Also, restaurants are able to operate at 75% capacity — all great news for anyone wanting to go to Hawaii. Today I’m focusing on Kaua’i.

Marriott has lots of hotel properties on Kaua’i, including Sheratons and Westins. But using Destination Points to reserve anything but the MVC properties is currently not available. I will show you the best DEAL if traveling to Kaua’i using Destination points for all three of the MVC properties — Kaua’i Beach Club, Kaua’i Lagoons — Kalanipu’u, and Waiohai Beach Club.

 Kaua’i Beach ClubLagoonsWaiohai Beach Club
Rating on TripAdvisor4.04.54.0
Category PropertyCategory 6Category 7Category 7
Bonvoy points requiredNot availableNot availableNot available
Reserve through Marriott.com$3632.80 (2-bedroom, Gardenview)$4541.00 (2-bedroom, Island View)No availability until June 2022.
Types of VillasParlor, Studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom2-bedroom, 3-bedroom2 bedroom
Types of ViewsGardenview, Oceanview, OceanfrontIsland View, Oceanview, OceanfrontIslandview, Oceanview
MVC Points Required337533753425
All reservation information is for 6 nights checking in on April 3, 2022.

Let’s look at each individual property more in depth.

Kaua’i Beach Club

Kaua’i Beach Club

PROS: It is centrally located to shopping. If you are traveling with a small group, parlor rooms, studios, or 1-bedrooms are available at lower point requirements. Beach access is directly from the property. Relatively inexpensive taxi fare from the airport is $10. It is centrally located for shopping and restaurants.

CONS: This is the oldest property of the three and has been converted from a hotel — thus the rooms are a little smaller than the other two. The kitchens have a dishwasher, and microwave but no stove or ovens — not that you need them, but you should be aware. There is a $25 daily parking fee — higher than either of the other two properties. This is a Category 6 property compared to the other two that are both Category 7’s.

Marriott’s Kaua’i Lagoons – Kalanipu’u

Kaua’i Lagoons — Kalanipu’u

PROS: This is the nicest PROPERTY of the three, being newer with beautiful landscaping. It is a Category 7 property, higher than the Kaua’i Beach club. Lagoons is rated the highest of the three properties at 4.5 stars out of 5 on TripAdvisor. It takes the same amount of Destination Points as the lower Category Kaua’i Beach Club for a higher Category property! The pool is amazing, and feels quieter and relaxing. Onsight parking fee is $15.00 — $10 a day less than the Kaua’i Beach Club. Only $10-13 taxi cab fee from the airport.

CONS: The biggest downside of this property is the location. It is only 1/2 mile away from the airport. There is not as many dining options with fewer nearby restaurants. Only 2-bedroom villas are at this resort.

Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club

PROS: Best LOCATION of the three properties. Beachfront villas are on Poipu Beach — one of the most beautiful beaches on Kaua’i. It is on the sunny side of the island and gets less rain than the other side of Kaua’i. The 2-bedroom villas are non-lockoff — a pro if you are staying there, a con if you are trading it. This is a Category 7 hotel. There are many nearby restaurants, and shopping options. Parking fee is $15.00 a day — $10 less than the Kaua’i Beach Club — same as the Lagoons.

CONS: This property is difficult to find availabilities to reserve — it is very popular. There were no availabilities at this resort until June 22, 2022 — 11 months out from the date of this post. Because it is right on a beautiful and popular beach, the beach can get crowded. Only 2 bedroom villas are at this resort. Rated 4 Stars on TripAdvisor, not as high as the Lagoons. The taxi cab fee from the airport is $50.

Biggest Bang for Your Buck (Points)Best Value for Your Points

#1: Marriott’s Kaua’i Lagoons — Kalanipu’u

This is the highest rated property of the 3 with 4.5 stars out of 5 according to TripAdvisor. It is a newer property with an amazing pool. It takes the same number of points to stay here as the lower Category 6 Kaua’i Beach Resort. However, if you spend all your time at the beach, and the pool isn’t important, you should go with Waiohai Beach Club.

#2: Waiohai Beach Club

This has the best location, being right on Poipu Beach. It does take more Destination Points, but not by a lot — only 50 points more than the other two properties — well worth 50 points to get right on the beach, if that is important to you.

#3: Kaua’i Beach Club

Don’t think that because this is the bottom of this list, it is to be avoided. Not true at all. It is still rated high at 4 Stars on TripAdvisor and you would create great memories if you stayed here. But I’m focusing on VALUE and DEALS — because it a lower Category property than the other two, and takes the same number of Destination Points to stay here — it isn’t as good a deal as the other two.

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