Marriott’s Grande Ocean, Hilton Head, SC

In a normal year (haven’t had one of those for awhile), there are numerous great MVC properties that become available starting in September, October, and November. That is because all the Owners that own weeks instead of Destination Points must decide whether they are going to use their week, trade their week, or trade for points during this time. All Owner, Select, and Executive level owners’ deadline is September 30th. The Presidential and Chairman levels’ deadline is October 31st. Owners are reviewing their travel plans for next year to meet that deadline. (Make sure if you have a deeded week, that you don’t let the deadline pass without making a decision.) Weeks are being deposited, weeks are being traded for points, and because of that, properties will start to show availabilities.

Properties that previously showed no availabilities during your preferred travel time frame — like the above property is showing now — will start opening up. You still need to be vigilant in checking the website often and consistently. And I recommend you consider being put on a waitlist, as the waitlist requests are filled before they go online — especially if using Interval international. Whatever you decide to do, just be aware of this “season” of deadlines and make your travel plans and check for availabilities. This “strategy” works great in a normal year — I’m curious to see how this year fairs with this strategy.

Let me know if you find something that isn’t available currently. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get into Grande Ocean next September or October!

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