Marriott’s Timber Lodge, South Tahoe — One of the MVC resorts that has two 1 Bedroom room types.

Have you ever reserved a 1-bedroom villa and in the final selection of room type you see this:

You must choose between a 1 Bedroom that is a lock-off from a 2-bedroom floor plan, or a 1 Bedroom stand alone villa. Some of you who are newer owners, or maybe you haven’t ever had this happen to you, may wonder which option is best. Is there any difference? I’m here to help you understand the pros and cons of each.

Though I haven’t stayed at all the resorts with these 1 Bedroom options, I have stayed at a few, and the outcome was the same. When I chose the 1 Bedroom (One Entry Door) option, I was put in the corner of the building, and had no concern about any noise from the next room because it wasn’t adjoining. The 1 Bedroom (Master of a 2 Bd) villas are located throughout the resort, and have the potential of having someone staying in the adjoining studio room. I circled the adjoining double door in the floorplan of a 2-bedroom so you could visualize it, if you aren’t familiar with it. The 1-bedroom lock off is to the right of the adjoining door, and the studio is to the left of the adjoining door.

So again, which option is better? Simple answer — if you care at all about the view you have, I would recommend you opt for the 1 Bedroom (Master of a 2 Bd) and request the view you prefer — pool, beach, etc. Your chances of getting that view is so much greater because you have so many more villas meeting your preferences. With the double doors adjoining the rooms, if someone is staying in the studio next to you, most likely you won’t hear them — but it’s more possible than the other option.

The 1 Bedroom (One Entry Door) is a villa by itself — no doors adjoining into other areas for guests. In the resorts where I have chosen the One Entry Door option, the rooms were just a little smaller — but not much — compared to the Master of a 2 Bd villa. And they were ALWAYS in the corner of the building.

Bottom line — if you want a good view, choose the 1 Bedroom (Master of a 2 Bd). If you want it to be quiet pretty much guaranteed, choose the 1 Bedroom (One Entry Door).

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