Santa Marta Marriott® Resort Playa Dormida

The Marriott Insider Newsletter comes out every month. If you’re like me, I get a lot of emails with “valuable information” from sources claiming that it is important and warrants my full attention — NOT! But the Insider Newsletter is something you should take the time to at least browse through. The March newsletter came out a few days ago — this is something Owners need to be aware of. It really does have valuable information to enhance your MVC Ownership.

Let’s use the March newsletter as an example. Yes, I know as MVC Owners we receive a discount on rental cars. But the article in the March Newsletter reminded me of that benefit — and I was able to go back and check the owner discount rates compared to what I had recently reserved for upcoming trips. You also have easy access to check out the latest Owner Cruises that were just announced. Last month I learned about the new “Set Your Stay” feature on the MVC app. Great information, and good reminders.

But the BEST feature, in my opinion, of the Marriott Insider Newsletter is the ability to search by a specific location and find recommendations of things to do and places to eat that are near the Marriott properties. I did that for my San Diego trip I recently took. I went to the Insider Newsletter website , went to the search icon on the top right corner of the screen, and typed in San Diego. I immediately had access to two really great articles: “Your San Diego Itinerary” gives a 3-day itinerary of where to go each day to hit the popular attractions for San Diego, including specific places to eat an authentic fish taco. The other article “Explore San Diego” gives some suggestions for couples or families including direct links to a segway tour, cruises, museums, wine tours, etc. It’s easy access to learn options and make some plans for your own group.

Have you always wanted to go to Latin America but don’t know what options you have as a MVC Owner? Put it in the search bar and get a list of Marriott properties that you can use Destination Points to stay at, through the Explorer Collection. Easy-shmeasy. The Newsletter is a valuable tool in helping you learn about your options.

There are 2 versions of the Insider Newsletter — the NATO version, or what we receive in most areas. It is translated into 8 languages, and you can select your preferred language in the right corner of the website. The other version is Asia/Pacific, and is translated into three languages. The Insider is definitely an International resource for MVC owners wherever they live or want to travel to.

The Marriott Insider Newsletter isn’t my ONLY source in planning my upcoming trips. But it is definitely ONE of the resources I use. And I usually learn or am reminded about some feature or benefits of being a MVC Owner. Go check it out yourself! Put your next destination in the search bar and see what gems you find!

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