JW Marriott Orlando, Grand Lakes Current Pool Area

Starting August 1, 2022, guests staying at Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve will no longer be able to use the pools at next door JW Marriott Orlando, Grand Lakes. One of the biggest perks of staying at this resort was not only the lazy river and water slides at Lakeshore, but also being able to go next door and use the pool areas at JW Marriott Orlando and the pools at the Ritz-Carlton, all complimentary. Anyone who has been to this JW Marriott’s pool area the last few months probably noticed the huge construction project going on — I’m hearing a 4-story water slide!!! In anticipation of the popularity of the new pool area at JW, they have set the new requirement, beginning in August — no neighboring properties can use their pool for free.

Marriott is quick to remind Lakeshore guests that the JW restaurants are and will continue to be open for anyone — just charge the meal to your room number. But the pool area will be off-limits to any guest NOT staying at the JW unless you pay the pool pass fee.

Pool Pass Option

There is a way you can visit the JW pool areas including the huge waterslide while staying at Lakeshore after August 1st. Pay the $50 fee for a Pool Pass. The pass is good for up to 4 people — and gives you access to the JW pool area for one day. It might be something that you want to do. It at least gives you an option.

Until August 1st

Until August 1st, while staying at Lakeshore you can use the JW Pools ONLY on Monday through Thursday. The weekends are already not allowed, as they are keeping the crowds manageable and giving priority to the JW guests. And remember you can also still use the Ritz-Carlton pools, any day of the week. As of now, there is no mention of requiring a pool pass and there are no restrictions on when you can use the Ritz pools while staying at Lakeshore.

My Take On This

I’ve got to admit, I’m disappointed that we will no longer have access to the JW pools while staying at Lakeshore. We booked Lakeshore for next January and were looking forward to trying out all the pools. But the reason for the restriction makes sense to me. It’s not just to milk us for more money, but to ensure a positive experience for the guests who are staying AT the JW Marriott.

On our recent trip to Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, they had a similar policy. We stayed at the Ritz Club — their version of the timeshare villas — which was right next door to the Ritz hotel. When we checked in, we were told we would have to pay a $40 daily fee if we wanted to use the pools at the Ritz hotel. We were disappointed as we had our grandson, and the hotel has an amazing kids pool. The next day, we went over to the hotel — no one was in the kids pool. We asked if we could get in, and got the look, “why not”? We swam in their pools, sat in their chairs, and used their towels all week without any request or proof of any pool pass. They KNEW we were staying at the Club, but had no issues with us using their pools. It wasn’t busy while we were there, and we weren’t required to pay the daily fee the whole time we were there.

Not sure that will happen with the JW Orlando, but time will tell. In the meantime, be grateful for the time you did get to use the JW pool area. And appreciate the other MVC properties that still allow their guests to use the adjoining properties’ amenities for free.

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