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Another day, another day with the website being down. This is latest message I received from Marriott. I’ll keep you updated as I receive info.

Owners are still unable to log on to the Owner website because of an issue we are running in to with one of our booking systems. They are working hard to resolve the issue, but do not have an ETA. Owners can still get assistance from Owner Services.


August 2, 2022

Not the best day for Marriott. After shutting down everything, including the Call Center, for more than 15 hours Marriott and Vistana Owners woke up to major problems on the website. Some owners have been lucky enough to log in, only to get booted out rather quickly. One owner has reported that they were able to make a reservation online, but the interaction was not smooth, and though they verified it was legitimate, the normal confirmations were not received. The good news is that Marriott is aware of the issues and the IT division is on high, critical alert working through the problems. Here’s what I know at this point.

If you have a critical modification to make to your ownership — such as canceling a reservation before the 60-day window, you can do that right now by calling an Owner Advisor. They are working and available, though I’m being told, things are slow. For other Owners, this is probably not the best time to be browsing for availabilities or pacify your curiosity. The more you try unsuccessfully to log into your profile, the more frustrated you will get. And keep reminding yourself that other owners can’t reserve those hard-to-get reservations online either.

Marriott has kept me updated throughout the day of the status, and mostly assuring me that they are doing everything possible to fix the issues. They are asking for Owners to be patient and to be assured all will be well shortly. I’ll update you if I receive any other pertinent information.

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