Marriott’s San Francisco Pulse

Many questions asked by Marriott Owners on social media are things like “What restaurants do you recommend when staying at Grande Vista?”  Or “I’m headed to Barony Beach. What is nearby – can I walk to the grocery store, restaurants, etc.?”

Google Travel has a new tool that I have found to be very helpful when traveling to answer these kinds of questions.  Let me show you how to do that to help you on YOUR next vacation!

Let’s say we will be traveling to San Francisco, staying in the Marriott’s San Francisco Pulse MVC property.  Go to the Google Travel website and enter the property Marriott’s San Francisco Pulse in the search line.  Ignore all the information that comes up about the property. Find the top menu bar where “Location” is one of your options and select that. Now the fun begins!

Surrounding areas of interest with the San Francisco Pulse pink pin location

A map of the location of San Fran Pulse, identified with a bright pink pin appears with the “neighborhood” points of interest.  Maybe because I’m a visual learner – but this map really helps me to become familiar with what will be around me.  And it gets better!!  On the left panel, select “Top sights” on the top menu, and wallah!!  The map changes to a visual of the top tourist stops in comparison to your property (still displayed with a pink pin) – numbered so you can reference the left panel for a short description, image, rating and distance from your property!!!

Locations of Top sights with San Francisco Pulse located at the pink pin

AND .  .  just before you start exclaiming “Where has this been all of my life”, select the “Restaurants” option on the top of the left panel, and watch the magic happen again – this time with top restaurants displaying in comparison to your property.  The restaurant name, a short description, image, rating and distance from your property is again included!  And best for me??  I can visually identify what I can walk to, what I need to get an Uber to, and even make a tentative itinerary of what to see and where to eat during my day – all from toggling back and forth between the options.  And you can bet Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience made my priority list!!!

Restaurants in Comparison to San Francisco Pulse (pink pin)

I know there are lots of travel resources to help you know what are popular places to eat and things to do where you will be traveling.  But with the addition of the MAP with the information – that makes it sweet for me.  Try it out and let me know how you like it!!

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