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I’ve heard from many Marriott Owners and some Vistana Owners this week about the Abound program — both excitement and anticipation, confusion and many questions. I’ll admit, I was excited to finally see the Club Points required for the Vistana resorts that will soon be available to reserve.

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But I hope these changes and speculation of what Abound will do for Owners does not change the recommendations of successful resort reservations — PLAN EARLY and MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS ASAP!

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You should have (or have in calendar of when to reserve in the next few months) all your travel plans for the major vacations for 2023 already completed.  Sure you can have some points in a “wait and see” category for quick Getaways, Destination Escapes deals, or even an exciting Owner Event that might take only a portion of your Club Points.  But your weeks and major vacations should already be reserved or scheduled to reserve in the next 12-13 months. Do not take the “wait and see” option of when the Abound resorts will be available to make your reservations for next year. 

Marriott hasn’t said when the additional resorts will be available to reserve, but I’m hearing in a few months, not days. By waiting to see what opportunities those resorts will have, other owners are snatching up the best MVC resorts for 2023 travel.  If, when reservations can be made on the Vistana resorts, and there are some resorts you want to go to instead of what you have reserved – cancel what you have reserved and make the new reservation.  Remember there aren’t any penalties for canceling unless it is within 60 days of travel.  You have made plans, and can change them for something better – EASY SCHMEAZY – with no penalties!!

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Which brings me to reminding you about The Costco Rule.  Get what you want now, and adjust if something better comes along. You won’t lose anything by making your 2023 reservations before Abound becomes fully functional.  Do not wait for Abound to make your vacation plans for 2023.

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