And It Continues . . . . .

I consider myself a patient person. Driving behind someone who is well under the speed limit doesn’t get my heart pumping. Standing in line to purchase something is no big deal. Even the MONTHS of the MVC website “working, now it’s not, now it’s working, now it’s not” has been inconvenient and sometimes made me wonder when this Abound transition would finally be over — but I didn’t lose sleep over it. But I’m getting there now, and I’m hearing from lots of owners who are past the point of patience.

This morning I tried to get online to check my upcoming reservations. Nothing big — just checking to see what reservations I already have in 2023 — ERROR! OK, so it’s down yet again. I’ll call. It’s early and they are just opening. I’ll get in before the wait times get really long.

And then I hear the automated message when I called. Not something that owners who has spent tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on, wants to hear. “The system is very slow and it is taking longer than usual to help our owners. The wait times are very long. If this is not a critical matter, please try again later”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can’t imagine the wait times that causes Marriott to warn the owners before they even talk to an agent!!!

And to make matters even worse — ’tis the season that we are paying our maintenance fees!!! Talk about putting salt on a wound!! Paying tons of money and not even able to access our account on the computer or have simple tasks performed without waiting HOURS!

Come on, man! Let’s get this fixed!!

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