Marriott’s Grand Chateau, Las Vegas, NV

Destination Escapes for July 2023 have been posted. Not many options, but the discounts are sweet!!! As for the options — only Desert Springs Villas I in Palm Desert, CA and Grand Chateau in Las Vegas are currently available for July using the Destination Escapes discount. Both locations are HOT that time of year — and I’m not talking about the deal! Having said that, the discounts range from 48% at Desert Springs to 61% at Grand Chateau and are HOT as well! Let me show you how many Club Points you save using Destination Escapes in July.

ResortType of RoomNumber of NightsDates AvailablePreferred Date for Biggest DiscountClub Points with Destination EscapesClub Points without Destination Escapes (includes 60-day chairman discount — 30%)Club Points Saved!!Percent Saved
Desert Springs Villas IGuest Room3 nightsJuly 10-14, 2023July 13, 1418034316348%
  4 nightsSameJuly 12-1424040616641%
  7 nightsSameAny42059517529%
Grand Chateau1-bedroom3 nightsJuly 9-14, 2023July 13, 1436092756761%
  4 nightsSameJuly 12-14480108460456%
  7 nightsSameAny840155571546%
Destination Escapes July 2023

A few things to take note on this graph.

  1. The longer you stay, the lower your PERCENTAGE discount is. You save 61% if you stay 3 nights at the Grand Chateau using Destination Escapes, and 46% if you stay the entire week. This is because if you stay 3 nights, and any of those nights are a weekend, your savings is proportionally greater because weekends take more Club Points to reserve.
  2. The Club Points needed for the reservation without the Destination Escapes discount includes the 30% discount Chairman Owners get when reserving a resort within 60 days of travel. If you get a smaller discount reserving within 60-days, your savings will be even greater!
  3. We have been to both of these resorts in July, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We spend more time at the pools and indoors during the hottest times of the day. And the evenings are great for strolling to your favorite restaurant or relaxing in a movie theatre. Vegas has tons of shows and other entertainment options. Don’t get turned off to travel to these “hot” locations — take a quick getaway and save points to go somewhere else later in the year!
  4. You must call an Owner Advisor to reserve a Destination Escapes. They go fast!
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