Marriott’s Royal Palms, Orlando, FL

Destination Escapes for August have recently been posted. You can get great value for your Club Points and MAX the number of vacations by using Destination Escapes when possible. Discounts range from 11% – 42% — I’ve seen higher. But if you have expiring Holding Points or are itching to go somewhere for a few days, this is a great way to use your points. I detail all the options below.

ResortType of RoomNumber of NightsDates AvailablePreferred Date for Biggest DiscountClub Points with Destination EscapesClub Points without Destination Escapes (includes 60-day chairman discount — 30%)Club Points Saved!!Percent Saved
Desert Springs Villas IIGuest Room3 nightsAug 9, 10, 11Aug 10, 1118030012041%
  4 nightsSameAug 10, 1124035611633%
 1-Bedroom3 nightsAug 9-11Aug 10, 1136046110122%
  4 nightsSameAug 10, 114805385811%
 2-bedroom3 nightsAug 9-11Aug 10-1154075221228%
  4 nightsSameAug 10-1172087415418%
Royal Palms2-Bedroom3 nightsAug 9, 10Aug 1054092738742%
  4 nightsAug 9NA720108436434%
Sabal Palms  2-Bedroom3 nightsAug 9, 10Aug 1054092738742%
  4 nightsAug 9NA720108436434%

Destination Escapes August 2023

A few things to take note on this graph.

  1. The longer you stay, the lower your PERCENTAGE discount is. You save 41-42 percent if you stay 3 nights at any of the August resorts using Destination Escapes, and 33-34 percent if you stay 4 nights.  There are no options of staying 7 nights using Destination Escapes for August. These percentages were calculated by using the Preferred Date for Optimal Discounts.
  2. The smaller the room type, the bigger the discount.  If you stay in a Guest Room, you get 41% compared to 22% for a 1-bedroom or 28% for a 2-bedroom.  All rooms at Royal or Sabal Palms is 2-bedrooms.
  3. The Club Points needed for the reservation without the Destination Escapes discount includes the 30% discount Chairman Owners get when reserving a resort within 60 days of travel. If you get a smaller discount reserving within 60-days, your savings will be even greater!
  4. You must call an Owner Advisor to reserve a Destination Escapes. They go fast!
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